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Our services are available individually or collectively based on your needs:

  • New Home Construction and High-End Remodeling
  • Pre-Construction Project Management
  • Real Estate Pre-purchase Consultation
  • Real Estate Acquisition


Aaron Anthony, Inc. is management-based. All work is 100% subcontracted to highly experienced, professional tradespeople and suppliers selected specifically for the demands of your individual project. With rigid organization, expert supervision and thorough communication we manage your construction on track with workmanship executed to our high standard.


You’ve got your property and you want to build…
Navigating through the process required to get your project designed and approved so you can actually build is time consuming and often frustrating. Your project will likely include a multitude of professionals including: architects, designers, engineers and others, all required to interface and coordinate together to get you submitted, approved and permitted.

As your pre-construction project manager, we are a single point of contact for you. We manage this whole process, advocating on your behalf and keeping everyone on task to expedite your project approval and permits so construction can begin.

We are directly involved with you and the entire team at the onset of design. Consulting during your plan development, providing coordination and follow-up with all parties involved, getting plans and submittals completed in a timely manner, creating a realistic project budget and construction timeline. Pre-construction project management will save you both time and money later.


Looking for a vacant lot to build your new dream home or buying an existing residence for renovation…
Know as much as possible about what you are buying before you own it:

You may be new to the area, new to building, and/or just too busy to do all the necessary research yourself.
With Pre-purchase Consultation, we assist and facilitate in obtaining important data and reports from relevant agencies, subcontractors, engineers and other professionals specific to the property you’re interested in and pertinent to the property improvement cost. We’ll review this data with you as well as give you our opinion to help you make an informed decision on your intended purchase before you own it.


Aaron Brown is a California-licensed Real Estate Broker since 1989 with extensive experience in both land acquisition and Single-Family home purchasing for renovation. He can assist in locating a property suitable to your goals and represent you in the purchase.
*Brokerage services offered by Aaron Brown (license number 00934170) are independent and separate from services offered by Aaron Anthony, Inc.